How to conquer the fears

This website is a one woman’s story of fear turned into flourish.

If you too are tired of living timidly – this website is for you.

I want you to see how to eat an elephant (no real elephants harmed in the process).

How to move a mountain (no diggers involved).

And how to survive a 3 hour flight with a screaming toddler (you-both-cry-and-never-board-a-plane-together-again solution has its merits).

You and I have been designed to be awesome, happy and wonderful.

Not perfect.

Perfect is bad – fulfilled is good!


So don’t allow fear  to spoil your journey.

Fear of failure,

fear of rejection,

fear of being misunderstood….

So, I’ve created a to see if we can change our world together.

To see if we can conquer the fear and be our amazing, imperfect selves.


No time like present – let’s begin today.

Read on – my blog is here.


With all my love …

Anya xoxo